OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology (was Crucible)
OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology

Crucible 2016 Schedule

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Mage Mixer
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Please Note: On Saturday, there will be a limited room for lounging and talking.

Registration table will be provided to check in to Crucible and acquire any up-to-date information. Please note that the ticket fee does NOT include food at the various Crucible meeting areas. Also note that the name tags will be required for entry to all the meets and discussions in the hotel and dinner. Dinners are LIMITED so reserve yours EARLY!
Mage Mixer
To be held at First Wok Chinese Restaurant located at 295 Princeton Hightstown Rd #1, Princeton Jct, 08550 (609)716-8323. The Mixer is to allow further....well....Mixing. A good opportunity to mingle with speakers and attendees alike!
To be held in Hotel Bar/Lounge Space or perhaps in the convention space. A closing mixer to network with others and say your goodbyes.
To be held in the Hotel Restaurant. This will be a good opportunity to mingle with the old friends and make new ones.
To be catered in the current hotel space. Current pricing to be $5 per person, to be purchased at the registration table and/or with your ticket online. (Yes, there will be meat) Dinners are LIMITED so reserve yours EARLY!
Slot 1A
Carolyn Elliott will be presenting:

Uniting the Will in Practical Magic with Existential Kink

Ancient Greek thaumaturgists recognized a united will as the foundational condition for success in practical magic (i.e., positive synchronous manifestations of wealth, love, good fortune, etc.). The human will, however, is usually heavily divided between our conscious, deliberate intentions and our unconscious patterns and drives. Very few people, including aspiring magicians, ever attain a fully united will, and this shortcoming is at the root of why many fail to achieve tangible results in spell workings.

In this talk, Carolyn Elliott will present a radical and rapid technique which has proven effective for hundreds of her clients and course participants, Existential Kink, for uniting our conscious and our unconscious wills so as to enjoy reliable success in generating concrete results through practical magic.

Slot 1B
Panel 1 :Skip the lube: What do you do after a magical screw up?
Slot 2A
Keith Miller will be presenting:

Divination without Self-Deception

Whether it's scrying through a looking-glass or pendling, remote viewing or clairvoyant trance, telepathy or empathy, or just telling if a ritual "worked," divination and extrasensory perception all share a common obstacle - our own minds. We'll talk about some of the more common problems that our own minds can introduce to the process of divination or perception, and discuss methods for mitigating these pitfalls. Techniques and solutions from various traditions will be discussed, and we'll also look at some common ways these often overlooked techniques are already present or ready to be incorporated into your own ritual or divinatory practices.

Slot 2B
Panel 2 :Show us your O-Face: When did you realize magic was real?
Slot 3A
LM will be presenting:

Art of Zon: Manifesting Spirits

In this presentation, I will be revealing a divinely communicated summoning technique that physically manifests spirits, without the use of a Triangle of Art. Among the discussed will be the importance of shedding the ego, mastering the 5 senses, astral projection, and an important tool that provides the magician with an abundance of energy: the tesseract. Not only will energy manipulation be covered, but some book-learned material as well, such as the rituals Liber V vel Reguli and LVX (and how to convert them into energy) are a part of this summoning. One might say that this technique is the best of energy manipulation and ceremonial magic combined.

One must know how to build astral tools and how to astral project for this spirit summoning to be of use. A notepad and something to write with is strongly recommended. Hand outs will be provided.

Slot 3B
Amy Alice Christensen will be presenting:

Accidental Talismans

Our junk and clutter are powerful talismans which have taken on a sentient life of their own; feeding off of our life force, depleting our energy, keep us harnessed to the past and holding us back from the possibilities of the future. Participants learn how our Accidental Talismans affect us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Slot 4A
Inominandum will be presenting:

Read like a Fortune Teller

All my life people mentioned that the Tarot deMarseilles was the most symbolically correct Tarot, but I avoided it. I avoided it because the art was plain. I avoided it because there were no helpful pictures on the pip cards, I avoided them because other decks seemed more filled with esoteric symbolism. I avoided it because despite them being what Tarot was for 300 years - no magicians read with them. I avoided them until a few years ago when I FINALLY learned to throw all that, and everything that came with the RWS and later English Tarots out the window. I stopped reading like a esoteric psychologist and started reading like a fortune teller.

This class is about how to read Tarot like the cartomanic system it is. How to see plain and specific patterns in dance from one card to the next. I will cover why I switched to the Older Tarots with their plain cards, and how the mysteries of the Tarot get obscured when weighed down with arcane symbols, runes, and cat people.

Best yet, by the end of this class you will be able to read the Tarot, even the pip cards, without that stupid little white book.

Slot 4B
Ernest McCloskey will be presenting:

Art of Zon: The Knowledge in Energy

In this presentation, I will be discussing how to retrieve information from energy. Whether it is from sigils/seals, direct contact with deities or even your own/other's energy fields. This includes using energy for divination and remote viewing.

Slot 5A
Arthur D. Moyer will be presenting:

Omnimancy: Spell Analysis

This year's lecture is on how spells actually work and more importantly how to reverse engineer spells. The idea being that if one knows how something works, it becomes far easier to improve it.

Slot 5B
Gerry O'Sullivan will be presenting:

Searching for Montague Summers: Anatomy of an Obsession

Who was Montague Summers? Gerard O'Sullivan has tried to answer this question, and with limited success, since his first terror-stricken reading of Summers's "The Werewolf" in early adolescence. In this presentation O'Sullivan recounts the genesis of his obsession with Summers and his work, which lead him to a dogged pursuit and eventual recovery of the writer's lost papers, missing since August of 1948. In this presentation O'Sullivan will address questions which continue to linger about Summers, the "disreputable clergyman" who lived from 1880 to 1948 and whose influence and legacy in esoteric and literary circles persists to this day. Was Summers really Father Summers, a duly ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church, or was he ó as some maintain ó an independent Catholic cleric or bishop? And despite his public abjurations of witchcraft and magic was he, in fact, a practicing occultist himself?

Slot 6A
Andrei Freeman will be presenting:

Defense Against the Dark Arts

In each cycle of the year, one is called forth to speak on the dread and forbidden topic of the dark arts. To date, none have had the fortitude to holds this mantle beyond that cycle. Most are driven mad or worse. Not realising that all qualified had taken one step back, the doom has been thrust...

"Dark Arts" has become a literary term at times evoking images of crazed Black Magicians crafting works of Evil to turn people's souls to destruction. But Dark and Light are as Ethically Grey as Good and Evil.

How does one recognise Dark Arts? How does one use them for personal needs? And how does one walk away unscathed? Can any actually be done?

Mixing anecdote, philosophy, and study; Andrei explores the tools, toys, problems and pitfalls of del arts n'asti.

Slot 6B
Sarah will be presenting:

Introduction to Practical Ceremonial Magic

This lecture attempts to address the problem of practical ceremonial magic. That is, it's not obvious how to apply it to daily life challenges, nor is it obvious how to do so in a way that makes sense to your life path. Learn how to more easily navigate the magical landscape and how to look inside yourself for power and spiritual fulfillment.

Panel Discussions

Skip the lube: What do you do after a magical screw up?
Show us your O-Face: When did you realize magic was real?



Jason Miller, Inominandum, is a full-time Author, Sorcerer, and Teacher. From an early age he studied both High Ceremonial Magic and folk magic techniques of Rootwork and Witchcraft finding that together, each approach strengthened the other and made for a Sorcery that could be streamlined and startlingly effective. Desiring to go deepern he did what all his childhood mystical superheroes like Dr Strange, Mandrake, The Shadow, and Dr Doom did: moved to the Himalayas.

It was in Nepal that Jason received the training he would need to do Sorcery the way that he always knew it could be done. When he came back to the west he began to seek the hidden skills in non-magical disciplines like finance and love, and mingle them with magic. This was the birth of Strategic Sorcery.

He is the author of several books including " Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth " and the forthcoming " Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: Secrets of Erotic Magic " as well as the acclaimed Strategic Sorcery Course.

Find him at strategic

Andrei Freeman

"This above all: to thine own self be true," - Shakespeare

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!" - Crowley

"Oh, it's twue. It's twue. It's twue, it's twue!" - Von Schtupp

Andrei has been a philosopher for well over 33 1/3 years. Considerably somewhat remarkable when you consider he's only been an Andrei for 9. With curriculum studies in Theatre, Radio, Television, Direction, and Philosophy combined with a love of Poker and comparative religions, and hedonism; Andrei has had great success by selling out and becoming a software architect for a huge hospital/health system.

A 15+ year initiate in the OTO, he has served as chartered initiator, ordained clergy, and overall bane to people trying to interpret Thelema and other's True Wills. Andrei is also unintentionally ordained in the ULC.

Amy Alice Christensen

Amy Alice Christensen has presented on Accidental Talismans and other topics with Earth Traditions, The Life Force Arts Center, The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment and has appeared on the podcasts and radio shows Talk Gnosis and Magick Radio. Bishop Laine Peterson from Magick Radio Chicago has said that Accidental Talismans is ďone of the most original areas of esoteric magical thinking Iíve ever encountered. Itís not only highly practical; itís made quite an impact on me.Ē Additionally she is a singer and song-writer and an Artist in Residence with the Life Force Arts Center. And in her spare time, serves the City of Chicago as a decorated police officer.

Lainie Petersen


Bishop Lainie Petersen is a writer and practitioner living in Chicago. The former co-host of Talk Gnosis and Magick Radio Chicago, her religious and spiritual practice includes Esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism, and the Gurdjieff Work. She holds masters degrees in Divinity, Theological Studies, and Library and Information Science. She is the Presiding Bishop of The Open Rite, an esoteric church.

Carolyn Elliott

Carolyn Elliott is the editor of WITCH magazine and the author of Awaken Your Genius, a cult-favorite book on magical creativity. She earned a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and now teaches an acclaimed online course on mastering practical magic, INFLUENCE. Her approach to occultism is flavored by her long-term research in depth Psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Continental philosophy.

You can find more about Carolyn on and

Ernest McCloskey

Ernest S. McCloskey has been practicing Energy Working for 20+ years. His field of study is closely related to Psionics, Psychic Vampirism, Reiki, and even Omnimancy. The knowledge he is passing on is gleamed from direct experience and experimentation and not from books. His past lectures have been on theory, fundamentals and requirements to work energy into your environment.

If you wish to contact him further, you can find him at

Gerry O'Sullivan

Gerry O'Sullivan, Ph.D. is the author of "The Continuing Quest for Montague Summers" which serves as a prologue to a critical edition of Summers's "The Vampire, His Kith and Kin" published by Apocryphile Press in 2011. He is also author of a prologue to a new critical edition of "The Vampire in Europe" edited by John Edgar Browning and published by Apocryphile in 2014. In 2008 O'Sullivan recovered and cataloged the archives of Montague Summers, which had been missing since the writer's death in 1948. In 2009 he published "The Manuscripts of Montague Summers, Revisited" in "The Antigonish Review" (159, Fall 2009, 111). He has published numerous other articles and reviews in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, Postmodern Culture, Criticism, The Scriblerian and elsewhere. O'Sullivan's first encounter with Montague Summers (through a terror-stricken reading of "The Werewolf" in his early adolescence) inspired a life-long fascination with the writer. He is among the world's foremost collectors of Summerseana and is regarded as an authority on Summers's life and writings. He is currently working on an introduction to Summers's unfinished early novel "The Bride of Christ" as well as a new foreword to a reprint edition of "The Gothic Quest." The Summers archive was recently acquired by the Georgetown University Library. He serves as a University administrator and professor of English.


LM has been practicing Energy Working from an early age. Her field of study is directly or closely related to Tesseracts, Spirit Summoning, Physical Manifestation, Psionics, Psychic Vampirism, Reiki, and even Omnimancy. The knowledge she is passing on is gleamed from direct experience and experimentation and not from books.

To contact LM, visit

Keith Miller

Keith Miller is a training Tibetan Astrologer, a Freemason, and a Remote Viewer. He has been studying some form of esoteric spirituality since he was a child, with 18 years of experience and study. Today, he focuses on astrology and Tibetan Buddhism, and he has an academic interest in initiation and initiatic traditions, and how the initiatic experience is used to engage in self-transformation and spiritual development across cultures and spiritual traditions.

Arthur D. Moyer

Arthur has been practicing for 24 years, the founder of the Omnimancer tradition, and is Head Omnimancer at OmniCore. For more information on Omnimancy please visit

Please Note that Crucible staff reserve the right to change this schedule, speakers and topics without previous notice.  Please check back often for updates.

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