OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology (was Crucible)
OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology

Crucible 2015 Schedule

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Mage Mixer
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Please Note: On Saturday, there will be a limited room for lounging and talking.

Registration table will be provided to check in to Crucible and acquire any up-to-date information. Please note that the ticket fee does NOT include food at the various Crucible meeting areas. Also note that the name tags will be required for entry to all the meets and discussions in the hotel and dinner. Dinners are LIMITED so reserve yours EARLY!
Mage Mixer
To be held at First Wok Chinese Restaurant located at 295 Princeton Hightstown Rd #1, Princeton Jct, 08550 (609)716-8323. The Mixer is to allow further....well....Mixing. A good opportunity to mingle with speakers and attendees alike!
To be held in Hotel Bar/Lounge Space or perhaps in the convention space. A closing mixer to network with others and say your goodbyes.
To be held in the Hotel Restaurant. This will be a good opportunity to mingle with the old friends and make new ones.
To be catered in the current hotel space. Current pricing to be $5 per person, to be purchased at the registration table and/or with your ticket online. (Yes, there will be meat) Dinners are LIMITED so reserve yours EARLY!
Slot 1A
Alex will be presenting:

Presenting on: Precogs and Gears -- The Application Precognition in Psionics

If you could foresee that you would be late, would you still be? If you can see the future, doesn't that means it already exists now? Is time a construct of the mind, or a traversable medium? Alex Kowit has been teaching Psionics for 14 years, and practicing for 25. In this presentation, Alex will explain the how's, what's, why's, and most (least? both?) importantly when's of the phenomena of viewing forward in time, what it implies, how this can take place, and best of all, how to start learning it as a skill.

Slot 1B
Panel 1 : Panel Discussion on Ethics: Magicians of various schools come together to discuss whether there are ethical limits in the occult and why.
Slot 2A
Sensei Victoria Whitfied will be presenting:

Presenting on: Shadow Work: Engaging the Dark Side for Healing

This interactive lecture was inspired by the song \“46 & 2\” by TOOL (view at According to Carl Jung, the Shadow Self is that part of you that you hide inside yourself, from yourself. The Shadow holds our unconscious habits and limiting beliefs, yet it also holds unlimited creativity, knowledge and power. When you embrace your shadow, you take your power back from people, places and experiences that control it, and you also activate new levels of power heretofore latent within your energetic body. Also, embracing your shadow can help in healing from deep emotional wounds, such as bullying, divorce and breakups, sexual abuse, crippling self-doubt, grief and depression. In this lecture, you will learn the anatomy of the shadow, how to activate it’s power with channeling, and you will be taken through a live shadow work healing meditation ceremony, where you will embrace what is waiting for you in the dark in a safe, non-judgemental and high vibrational space. Ceremony will include an invocation of god Anubis and archangel Azrael. All levels of skill and magickal styles welcome! Blessed be, and harm none; we are all One Tribe!

Slot 2B
Panel 2 : Panel Discussion on the Evolution of Consciousness in modern times: Various magicians come together to discuss Occult practice in modern times. What are the fundamentals of this lifestyle out of the main stream? Why has it become more acceptable in our times?
Slot 3A
Ernest McCloskey will be presenting:


This years lecture will be focused on a brief review on the key points of working with energy followed by hands on real world applications.

Slot 3B
Chris KennEy will be presenting:

Presenting on Fairy Magic: What I know and don't know

Lecture will include Knowledge of Fairies and their realm. It will also include the creation of fairy strings. More information to come.

Slot 4A
Inominandum will be presenting:

PROCCULTISM – Strange Tales and Unsolicited Advice for Professional Magi.

In recent years the western magical tradition has seen an increase in the number of Sorcerer’s, Witches, and Magicians offering their services for hire. Though common in traditions throughout Asia, Africa, and the Diaspora, the idea of a magician making a living as a magician is relatively rare in the western magical traditions. Though divination for hire has been common for a long time, offering ritual work and teaching for a fee has been relatively taboo until now. Even now some balk at the idea as a corrupting influence in the WMT.

In this class Jason Miller, a Professional Sorcerer, Teacher, and Author opens up about the business side of things. He will offer advice to experienced and budding Proccultists, talk about the impact of Proccultism on the Western Magical Tradition, dispel some of the myths and objections to the practice, and share some strange tales from a career in magic.

Slot 4B
Jason M. Colwell will be presenting:

Jason will be presenting on: Blending Occult work with Paranormal Investigation

It is all in your head, until it isn't. Jason M. Colwell discusses using technology during Occult practice and occult techniques during investigations.

Slot 5A
Arthur D. Moyer will be presenting:

Omnimancy: The Anatomy of a Spell.

Over the years I have demonstrated different ideas from Omnimancy to readapt back to your own spell working. This time, this is going to be mixed lecture and workshop. This will include basic energy working, to more advanced topics such as how spells operate and can be modified (and how to take advantage of that), to Astral Forensics.

Slot 5B
Maggi Horseman will be presenting:

Presenting a lecture on: Walking the 27th Path of the Tree of Life: The Balance of Order and Ecstasy

(Intermediate class, must have a basic understanding of Qabala)


            The 27th path of the tree of life of the magickal system of qabala joins the spheres Hod (Order) with Netzach (Ecstasy) The mastery of the 27th path can be the synthesis of the structure, discipline, and study of the Magician and the Orphic ecstasy and intuition of the Witch. After over a year of meditation on the juncture between the 25th and 27th path of the Qabala, Maggi found herself walking these paths, literally, in her 2nd degree initiation ritual.  In this workshop the relationship of Hod and Netzach will be discussed including the meaning of the sphere, their relationship to the Tree of Life, and the path that joins them.

Slot 6A
Rufus Opus will be presenting:

Presenting on the Seven Spheres.

Seven Spheres is RO's first published book. It provides a fairly straightforward set of practices that transform the individual through the conjuration, integration, and projection of the forces of the Seven Planetary Spheres. It is a practice manual for Hermetic Planetary Magic. At the end of the rites, you will have released a specific current into your life that transforms you into the King of your world. It gets you out of bad relationships and into good ones. It gets you out of bad jobs and into good ones. It gets you out of bad lives and on the path toward creating something better for yourself, using the powers and skills that are yours by birthright because you are an amazing magician... even if you've momentarily forgotten.

Slot 6B
Lainie Petersen will be presenting:

Divinatory Relationships:

In this talk, I’ll be exploring the diviner/client relationship. I’ll examine divinatory ethics, financial issues, client empowerment, and learning how to give bad news appropriately. I’ll also offer suggestions on how clients can get the most out of their readings by asking the right questions, being honest with their readers and learning how to make the best use of an oracle’s advice.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion on Ethics: Magicians of various schools come together to discuss whether there are ethical limits in the occult and why.
Panel Discussion on the Evolution of Consciousness in modern times: Various magicians come together to discuss Occult practice in modern times. What are the fundamentals of this lifestyle out of the main stream? Why has it become more acceptable in our times?



Jason Miller, Inominandum, is a full-time Author, Sorcerer, and Teacher. From an early age he studied both High Ceremonial Magic and folk magic techniques of Rootwork and Witchcraft finding that together, each approach strengthened the other and made for a Sorcery that could be streamlined and startlingly effective. Desiring to go deepern he did what all his childhood mystical superheroes like Dr Strange, Mandrake, The Shadow, and Dr Doom did: moved to the Himalayas.

It was in Nepal that Jason received the training he would need to do Sorcery the way that he always knew it could be done. When he came back to the west he began to seek the hidden skills in non-magical disciplines like finance and love, and mingle them with magic. This was the birth of Strategic Sorcery.

He is the author of several books including " Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth " and the forthcoming " Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: Secrets of Erotic Magic " as well as the acclaimed Strategic Sorcery Course.

Find him at strategic

Rufus Opus

Rufus Opus is a professional Hermetic magician and teacher of the esoteric arts. He has authored several eBooks on the practical application of Hermetic Principles, and teaches the Red Work series of courses, an in-depth study of the process of the alchemical Great Work. With over 20 years of training and practice, RO is a firm believer that magical study should result in tangible, practical manifestations of a better life, not only for the magician, but for everyone they come into contact with. For more information, see his blog at

" Ascending to the heavens and becoming a Power when you die is great and all, but what about the mean time? Seems to me we ought to be living a bit more like empowered priest-kings than we do. "

Maggi Horseman

Maggi Horseman is a magickal practitioner, sorceress, and priestess living in Central FL. She was a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan Tradition( for more than 10 years and received her 3rd degree initiation from this Tradition in 2011. She has taught and led rituals at public gatherings including Free Spirit Gathering, Harvest Gathering, Fall Frolic, Central Jersey Pagan Pride Day, Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival, Sacred Space Conference, and Pantheacon as well as at various metaphysical shops across the east coast. Maggi’s interests range from qabala, tarot, astrology, aspecting, nature devas, kitchen witchery, gardening, shadow work, sacred dreaming, and empowerment.

Maggi’s writings have been featured on Witchvox, Witches and Pagans magazine, Wicca Spirit newsletter, and Pagan Magic UK, and the Magicka School’s Portal Magazine. Her first book, Ecstasy in Shadow is now available for purchase. Maggi also does readings with tarot and for spiritual guidance. She is also a certified NLP practitioner. Check out her blog at

Lainie Petersen

Bishop Lainie Petersen serves as exarch of the Open Rite of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, a modern Gnostic church. She is a former co-host of "Talk Gnosis" and the current co-host of The Sanctuary, Lucha Liber, and ISM Frontiers. She has been studying divination for over twenty years.

Jason M. Colwell

Jason M. Colwell has been investigating the paranormal for twenty straight years. He has been a non dogmatic practicing Magician for ten. He is founder of Ohio Paranormal and an instructor for The Quantum Life Science Institute as a direct student of Andrieh Vitimus.

Ernest McCloskey

Ernest S. McCloskey has been practicing Energy Working for 20+ years. His field of study is closely related to Psionics, Pyschic Vampirism, Reiki, and even Omnimancy. The knowledge he is passing on is gleamed from direct experience and experimentation and not from books. His past lectures have been on theory, fundamentals and requirements to work energy into your environment.

If you wish to contact him further, you can find him at

Sensei Victoria Whitfied

A gifted psychic channel and empath from early childhood, Sensei Victoria Whitfield has spent most of her personal life exploring parapsychology, world religions, bio-energy, psychophysiology and metaphysical studies. Her favorite system of techniques mixes shadow work with Native American Shamanism, and her two chief guides are the god Anubis and archangel Azrael. Actively researching and practicing diverse traditions of meditation, crystal healing and divination since 2004, in 2011 Victoria began her professional commitment to sharing healing energy part time, and then by 2014 built a full-time practice that continues to grow to this day, especially now that she speaks once a month on the healing power of meditation for corporations, such as AT&T and the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery. Magick, meditation and energywork training are a never-ending way of life for Victoria; her last training trip was to Stonehenge in 2014 for an empowerment ceremony in the inner circle during summer solstice. Although as a natural technophile she’s been recently expanding her online courses in intuitive development, Victoria also has a private dojo space located in Westfield, NJ, where she provides treatment, training and certification in person – visit for more info.

Chris KennEy

Chris, sometimes known as Piggy, has been a self/fairy taught practioner for 36 years.


Alex has been a practioner of psionics for over 18 years. He has worked with the Omnimancers for about 4 years though not exclusively. He has taught a form of Psionics for about 14 years. He runs a group out of Philadelphia as well as online.

Arthur D. Moyer

Arthur has been practicing for 23 years, the founder of the Omnimancer tradition, and is Head Omnimancer at OmniCore. For more information on Omnimancy please visit

Please Note that Crucible staff reserve the right to change this schedule, speakers and topics without previous notice.  Please check back often for updates.

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