OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology (was Crucible)
OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology

I've included this section to answer a Frequently Asked Question.

Crucible is open to all magical practitioners. All are welcome. I've been getting a really good response, and it looks like we'll have a very diverse event, which is one of the goals.

Now, I've had inquiries about making the event only open to certain kinds of practitioner, or people who follow certain paths, to make sure the event is "positive".

I understand the sentiment, but I don't believe that banning "left-hand paths" would help the event. Ultimately, I feel it would damage the variety and scope of what we have to offer. I feel that people's ability to contribute lies within the individuals who attend - not their choice of methodologies.

For some more detail on the subject, I highly recommend this essay by John J. Coughlin.

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