OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology (was Crucible)
OmniCon: Where Magic Meets Technology

Crucible has been running from 2003 to 2017. It was a great run. But times have changed and so Crucible will change too. Due to the continuing growth of Omnimancy and more importantly, the continuing decline of non-Omnimancer related attendees to Crucible over the past 3-4 years, it just made sense to change the format to be more Omnimancer centric. To that end, we are pleased to announce OMNICON! And since OmniCon went so well last year, We are doing OmniCon II!!

OmniCon, will be INVITE ONLY but the invites will be a lot looser than last year. There will be less lectures and more having fun compared to last year. I was too use to planning Crucibles, evidently. Obviously, all the Omnimancers are invited. However, OmniCon is meant to be “Omni and Friends”. So there has been many people who are “Omnimancer related” or “Omni Friendly” that will be quite welcome to attend. Please contact us!

The format is changing, as mentioned. Many people commented that the best part of Crucible was the pre-parties and after-party. So OmniCon is basically one giant pre-after party. It is running from October 9th to 13th, 2019. So anything from strange magical experiments (which happened a lot at the parties) to playing Cards against humanity on an epic scale, or even outings to see a movie is now possible. However, there WILL be speakers, just not as many and only one track. The audience will be the Omnimancers, but honestly, that was the vast majority of the audience over the past several years anyway, even if the speakers didn’t know it.

We have rented hotel space at the Hyatt Place Princeton in Princeton, NJ. The address is 3565 US Highway Route One, Princeton, NJ 08540 with the phone number (609) 720-0200. The Hotel room rates are $139 a night. (Please mention OmniCon when booking at the hotel to get this rate (or if reserving online use group code G-OMNI)) The cut-off date for this rate is September 9th, 2019 so get yours soon! It is very important that your room is counted towards Omnicon. Thanks!). Tickets will still be $50 per person. The event will start around 7 pm on Wednesday the 9th and go to the morning of Sunday the 13th. The hotel is within walking distance of food(there are three restaurants next door!)

Thanks for visiting our site! Enjoy your stay, and feel free to drop us a line if you'd like. Will Crucible in it's old format return? Not likely considering the success of the previous OmniCon.

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